Airman dies after igloolik rescue effort, Oct 28, 11

Sgt. Janick Gilbert was a search and rescue and two other works. They left Trenton Ont, to rescue two people from igloolik nunavut.  The father and son left by boat from igloolik to go hunting walrus. But their boat had engine problems they couldn’t get help from the community from icy and rough sea ice. The boaters were transferred to the life raft and all five men waited for about three hours tell Gander, NL  arrived to pick everyone up.

The military said Gilbert died sometime during the rescue last night but exact details are still unclear .

The two boaters and two rescuers were taken safely to igloolik. The community of igloolik are sadded by what happened.

PM Stephen Harper said the Canadian forces ” search and rescue technicians are best trained in the world”.

The military says the incident is under investigation.

My feelings about this story is that someone died during a rescue. Our hearts go out to the families of Sgt. Janick Gilbert. Im happy noone else got hurt. The north is an extreme place to live.

The Canadian government need to have a new emergency plan for the cold arctic weathers in Nunavut. In Nunavut the weather changes every few minutes, and in each town in Nunavut we need planes and helicopters based in their communities. In our community we just had a search and rescue and they said we need  to wait for at least 48 hrs tell the plane and helicopters can go searching for the missing person. In our community is always cold, the government needs to go visiting up north and find out how cold it gets up north.


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