interest in caribou sewing

Caribou is very important and special animal in the north, without the caribou the Inuit and other cultures wouldn’t be here. Caribou keeps us warm and heathly.While growing up north, watching my grandmother and mother sewing caribou clothes and other animal fur. I enjoy working on caribou fur cause caribou fur and also i enjoy eating caribou stew , dry and fried.

This is what i know but my mother and grandmother know how to work on the fur better than me, but the only way to learn is to keep trying .

First step is to catch a caribou out on the land and skin the fur to dry in the sun , and put small around the fur tell the skin is dry .

Go home and use two different tools a  sharp and not to sharp , you start using the not to sharp tool and go around and start scraping the meat and fat of the fur , after that you do it twice and then water the fur with warm water  little bit of flour and salt. Tide the fur with a rope into a ball then wait tell the next morning  then take it part and then use the sharp tool to take more meat and fat off the fur. After that you use the not to sharp tool and go around and it makes it really soft then do it some more and do your designs and sew what you what to make like mitts, boots , parka and pants to keep you warm during the cold winter months. There is more to this but this is what i know, there are more to working on the skin but I enjoy working on caribou fur.



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