Remembrance day

Remembrance day is a very important day for everyone, on November 11 th is the day everybody is thinking of the people who fought in the wars. I watch a lot of movies about what happen during world times, very sad that a lot of people died . They fought for our freedom and our land , without the brave soldiers who fought during the world time , we wouldn’t be here today writing on computers and having school  or playing bingo. My grandfather George W. Porter was in the 2nd war , i never really hear about it but he told some stories . November 11th  is day to remember for those who fought for our country and still today we have people in the war across the ocean , we should thank the people who are putting there lives in danger to help us have a good and save life. I wish their wasnt any war happen in the world cause we all want to live  and have a good live.



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