through these eyes

1) The main theme in this documentary was about education, on how to teach the american students about another culture or society. And the parents from the states didn’t what their children to learn about netsilik way of life.

2) I feel a big connection to the people from kugaaruk, most of the people who were film . I’m related to , and back then they were so young and some elders are gone now. And the people who did the film cause they travelled very far to do the film. They knew what was going on from another side of the world and most people from the states havent gone to kugaaruk and to Nunavut. I wish some americans to come and see how we live today but back then was even hard to live in . It was good that they film the people back then cause today we don’t live like that anymore and we lost some of our culture. Living up north we need to eat and hunt country food cause without country food we wouldnt be here today. The parents in the states didnt get what the film makers were trying to do , to let their children learn another culture then their own culture.  We still live with some of our culture today. Our elders in the netsilik region still speak their language and do their skills. For me this was the best film i had ever seen and since i was small I been watching this films in school.So everyone has to still watch this netsilik films cause some day we are going to use the same culture and tools.

 3) Todays world is very different from back then in 1922, today we still the netsilik people are still strong in talking our language and using the traditional values. But in  my eyes I see we are losing our culture very fast, and I don’t what to see that happen to our children’s losing their culture. Our elders see a big different , today is 2011  and we live in houses and we have ski-doos and everything like the americans and we don’t complain about how the americans live and we live like them now. My dad is a netsilikmut and he still talks the language and go hunting. I feel  that the people from kugaaruk were the best people in the world they said everything that was so true in like. Everybody is different in different ways and we all live different.

Thats what I say and feel about this i still have so much to say and writing but i have to go now talk to you guys later.


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