Gjoa Haven and me

Day 2 September 28, 2011rita 022

Gjoa Haven is an Inuit community up north in Nunavut, it is a very cold. With wind chill the temperature can drop to minus 60 degrees. Summer lasts a month or two.Gjoa Haven is located on the southeast part of King William Island, 300 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

The culture here is predominantly Inuit.We still hold many of our traditional values.   Inuit go out on the land to hunt for survival like our ancestors. The land is clean and you  have  good fresh air, our land isn’t polluted yet from big factories. Most animals aren’t extinct and more animals are starting to move here to the island.

I’m happy to have been raised in the north. I grew up with my grandparents learning Inuit values. The north is a very special place to live, because you are closely connected to everyone . Without my families help I wouldn’t be able to live in a harsh climate.

There are some advantages to living in Gjoa Haven .You can see very far and they are no trees and mountains. Our land is very clean and the animals are good to eat .Our local hunters still use the Inuit traditional values.  We as Inuit’s we still speak our language. You can see faraway from Gjoa Haven because we live on an island, the community doesn’t have trees and mountains.

There are also some disadvantage to living here in Gjoa Haven .We don’t have any high ways. There is a lack of health care resources .No doctors and dentist live here, they have to fly in. The groceries are very expensive and we have only two stores. The groceries come in to town by airplane and by barge.

The community has shaped me in many ways. It taught me to respect elders. I grew up with my grandparents who taught me how to sew caribou clothing. We would go out  every spring and summer to go  hunting for the winter months. Our grandparents told us not to waste country food; we  share food with the community and with the elders. Today we are still teaching Inuit values to our children.


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