My expectations for Education 100

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My expectations for the course education 100 is going to be interesting , learn more on how to be a better teacher. Get to go to classrooms and see what teachers are teaching  and how they teach students in different classrooms. I need to work on my reading and writing, and learn more on how to become a better teacher. And i think this course is the right course to take and i need to work hard to be a better person and work with others. To become a teacher you got all these responsibilities and you need to show the community you can help and show your family what we learn in school.



Gjoa Haven and me

Day 2 September 28, 2011rita 022

Gjoa Haven is an Inuit community up north in Nunavut, it is a very cold. With wind chill the temperature can drop to minus 60 degrees. Summer lasts a month or two.Gjoa Haven is located on the southeast part of King William Island, 300 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

The culture here is predominantly Inuit.We still hold many of our traditional values.   Inuit go out on the land to hunt for survival like our ancestors. The land is clean and you  have  good fresh air, our land isn’t polluted yet from big factories. Most animals aren’t extinct and more animals are starting to move here to the island.

I’m happy to have been raised in the north. I grew up with my grandparents learning Inuit values. The north is a very special place to live, because you are closely connected to everyone . Without my families help I wouldn’t be able to live in a harsh climate.

There are some advantages to living in Gjoa Haven .You can see very far and they are no trees and mountains. Our land is very clean and the animals are good to eat .Our local hunters still use the Inuit traditional values.  We as Inuit’s we still speak our language. You can see faraway from Gjoa Haven because we live on an island, the community doesn’t have trees and mountains.

There are also some disadvantage to living here in Gjoa Haven .We don’t have any high ways. There is a lack of health care resources .No doctors and dentist live here, they have to fly in. The groceries are very expensive and we have only two stores. The groceries come in to town by airplane and by barge.

The community has shaped me in many ways. It taught me to respect elders. I grew up with my grandparents who taught me how to sew caribou clothing. We would go out  every spring and summer to go  hunting for the winter months. Our grandparents told us not to waste country food; we  share food with the community and with the elders. Today we are still teaching Inuit values to our children.

Greece economy crisis

 article #1
Greece name Papademos to lead salvation coalition.Nov 10 , 2011 Athens (Reuters) Greece named for leader to save the government and country from bankruptry and from euro zone. Greeks to unite behind him after months of divisive politicking , he sets securing a bailout from European union that will impose hardship on a naion.Panademos said ” The Greek economy is facing huge problems despite the efforts undertaken”. The EU’s top officials== also facing a similar political and on financial markets. The coalition had the specific task of implementing $ 170 billion deal with the euro zone. Papademos can impose tough austerity required by the bailout deal on a Greek people who have already staged a wave of strikes and protests against budget cuts and higher taxes.
article #2
Over the last decade, Greece went on a debt binge that came crashing to end in late 2009. Greece has relied on a package of $110 billion , or $152.6 billion. Agreed by its richer European neighbor in May 2010. It cut the pay of its public worker’s and quarter of the work force. Papandreou discovered the full extent of the deficit after taking office Nov 2009, the debt caused turmoil both within the Greece and across the continent.
Through out 2010 and 2011 investors continued to demand  ever higher interest rates for Greek borrowing as the market appeared to conclude some sort of default was inevitable. Later the country received a measure of potential relief, European leaders obtained an agreement from banks to take 50 percent loss on the face value of Greek debt. Because loans from international monetary fund and European central bank would not reduced, the plan would bring Greek debt down by 2020 only to 120 percent of  the nation gross domestic product. The plan was greeted with anger by many Greeks, to be fed up with dictation by Germany and France . Papandreou shocked Europe’s leader by announcing that a referendum would be held on a package. This was a last resort move by the prime minister.
The days later Papandero revered himself and called off the referendum. The opposition leader had agreed to back the plan.
What is going on in Greece will affect everyone around the world. Todays news is very important , we need to know whats going on around the world. The world seems to help each other in any bad situations. But some countries don’t what to help from the past, like china I watch a video tape on the what they were saying about helping the Greeks. Cause back then china did have a lot of money now today they have a lot of money the Greeks what’d their help.But most countries what to help the Greeks, and I think the Greeks spend too much money that s why they are in a crisis.

Assignment # 7

10 years after 9/11

I think she is writing about her journal entry.

The article im reading is very sad to hear about a ladie who live in New York  during the time of 9/11 . It must have been hard on her and other people who are muslims. Even cause they look like muslims it doesn’t mean that they are  terrorists people who whats to bomb the world. It must have been hard to go to work everyday and see that everyone in New York mad about what happen to their building and they lost a lot of people. I wonder what they are fighting for? Oil or land?  It must have been hard to go back home and see that the people are still trying to do terrors acts . 

Advice for the New Girls

I think this one is writing about personal reflection

It’s okay for 18 and 19 year olds to talk like that but if they were with their parents they wouldn’t talk like that or act like that. If you’re in university you have to start acting normal like any other adults students who have children of their own. Because they don’t have a lot of free time like any other 18 and 19 years old students who could go partying any time and every weekends. But one day once they experience beening a parent they would really found out what its like to be a parent , not just an 18 or 19 year-old girls anymore.    journal entry / personal reflection, documentary or social commentary

Baby No More

 She is writing about a personal reflection.

I can’t believe we grow up so fast, time is going so fast we can’t stop what we are doing and continue to go look into the future. Myself I don’t really see my own life but I wasted my time thinking I knew it all went I was young . I have 5 children and 4 of them are girls, they grew up really fast I still don’t have much to say but keep telling them I love them very much everyday and im never going to stop loving them. I want them to have a better life than me  , my mom was trying to let me have a better life but I didn’t listen to her and I regret not listing to her. And I told her that im sorry for not listening to her. All my girls are my love and they will always be my babies no matter how old they are.

Another Gorilla died at Mont Tshiaberimu

They are writing about social commentary.

It is so sad to hear about a gorilla dying and mostly he was living in a zoo or park. Just to top it off he hasn’t eat or drink water for 4 days, nobody shouldnt treat anyone or any animals like that. Maybe cause he never eat or drink water and they gave him pain killers and antibiotics. He probably didn’t have anything in his stomach to take away the pain killers and antibiotics. I wouldn’t do that to any animals the elders would say to leave the animals alone. The people who are keeping animals in zoo and locked up and stick up painkillers , they should do that to them self and see how it feels . It wouldn’t feel good at all.

Airman dies after igloolik rescue effort, Oct 28, 11

Sgt. Janick Gilbert was a search and rescue and two other works. They left Trenton Ont, to rescue two people from igloolik nunavut.  The father and son left by boat from igloolik to go hunting walrus. But their boat had engine problems they couldn’t get help from the community from icy and rough sea ice. The boaters were transferred to the life raft and all five men waited for about three hours tell Gander, NL  arrived to pick everyone up.

The military said Gilbert died sometime during the rescue last night but exact details are still unclear .

The two boaters and two rescuers were taken safely to igloolik. The community of igloolik are sadded by what happened.

PM Stephen Harper said the Canadian forces ” search and rescue technicians are best trained in the world”.

The military says the incident is under investigation.

My feelings about this story is that someone died during a rescue. Our hearts go out to the families of Sgt. Janick Gilbert. Im happy noone else got hurt. The north is an extreme place to live.

The Canadian government need to have a new emergency plan for the cold arctic weathers in Nunavut. In Nunavut the weather changes every few minutes, and in each town in Nunavut we need planes and helicopters based in their communities. In our community we just had a search and rescue and they said we need  to wait for at least 48 hrs tell the plane and helicopters can go searching for the missing person. In our community is always cold, the government needs to go visiting up north and find out how cold it gets up north.

blogs are beneficial to education

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The author feel beneficial to education cause the blog will help students and teachers keep in touch with homeworks and assigments. The author also said we can do alot of stuff and get photos and much more to do on the blog.


Based on the article , i feel most important of the blog is to do homework at home and dont miss any work that i miss that day to keep in track of whats going on in the classroom. And to see if any students are doing their work and to say in touch with the classroom.You can express your self and writing what you want , the blog is a great place to use in the class room.


Remembrance day

Remembrance day is a very important day for everyone, on November 11 th is the day everybody is thinking of the people who fought in the wars. I watch a lot of movies about what happen during world times, very sad that a lot of people died . They fought for our freedom and our land , without the brave soldiers who fought during the world time , we wouldn’t be here today writing on computers and having school  or playing bingo. My grandfather George W. Porter was in the 2nd war , i never really hear about it but he told some stories . November 11th  is day to remember for those who fought for our country and still today we have people in the war across the ocean , we should thank the people who are putting there lives in danger to help us have a good and save life. I wish their wasnt any war happen in the world cause we all want to live  and have a good live.